Infinite Autism

After seven years of supporting parents and Autistic people as a full time job for free, something had to give.

So Kieran decided to set up Infinite Autism.  A Social Enterprise.

Kieran decided to team up with people with a vested interest in Autism and Neurodiversity and who could bring a unique skillset and perspective.
So who are Infinite Autism?

An Autistic Identity

Image description: A flock of sheep to the left, all facing forward apart from one at the back facing back to camera.  The word 'Autistic' is stencilled onit's side.  To the right is text: An Autistic Identity. Sometimes the most dangerous thing we can do is separate ourselves from the herd."

"Some people have an identity. I have an alibi. I have a shadow self."
- Andre Aciman

I've been writing a fair amount of training material recently, for myself and for several other organisations and it's had me questioning what I want people to take away from them.  Knowledge about Autism obviously, but also the need for people to have that light-bulb moment, when I frame things in a way that tips them into a paradigm shift; so that metaphorically, as you slide the Neurodiversity paradigm in one ear, you see the pathology paradigm drop out the other side.

So much of what I and so many other Advocates talk about: Language, Masking and Burnout, the history of Autism, the diagnosis, the near constant invalidation, this need for people to have a paradigm shift at all about Autism; all leads, via a twisty, winding path through the undergrowth to one thing:


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