An Autistic Invalidation

The quote on the attached image is a real one.  Words spoken by a young Autistic to their Mother.

This person had been crippled by spending years Masking, fighting to fit in and trying to be 'normal' and tipping themselves over into Burnout so extreme, that at the age of 19 the only way they could see out, was out...

This young person was not 'suffering from Autism' as the mainstream narrative would have you think.

They were suffering from invalidation.

An Autistic invalidation.

#TakeTheMaskOff: Autism at work

Masking impacts all autistic people to some degree, but those who tend to be able to Mask better, appear to be those who can hold down employment, at least for a period of time anyway.

Throughout #TakeTheMaskOff I've become intrigued with certain aspects of Masking, but one issue is something that cuts me directly to my core:

Disclosing at work.

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