Masking: An Act of Resistance

Not everyone has the ability to be able to write with any kind of regularity and one of my biggest aims with #TakeTheMaskOff was to be able to help generate conversation around Masking and give a platform to other people.

Carl Cameron is a Mentor, who has a career behind him delivering courses on Autism, he's also very late diagnosed and will be the first to tell you the irony in being the last to recognise Autism in himself. 

I have the privilege of a platform and Carl wants to talk about taking off the Mask and how it is An Act of Resistance.

Masking: I am not OK

If you lined up a thousand Autistic people and asked them to define Masking, I doubt that any one of them would say exactly the same thing.  The input, the reasons for doing so, might be similar or identical. The same might be said of the output, or the actual results of the Masking. They might be the same, but the actual act itself, the process and things done to keep the Mask in place, would likely be wildly different.

Responsibility, Autism and a legacy of failure

When it comes to Autism, how does responsibility fit in?  Who is responsible, who holds the power and what do they do with it?

Those responsible for the narrative of Autism literally hold the lives of Autistic people in the palms of their hands, yet that responsibility is being abused.

And at what cost?

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