The curious case of the National Autistic Society and 'cures'

I have a quandary of immense proportions. Over the last few weeks, a battle has been ensuing on Twitter.  Not so uncommon you might think, but this battle is the peak of a war that has been waging for nearly four years.  A war with child abusers on one side, one woman on the other side and the National Autistic Society wandering around aimlessly in No-Man's Land.

An Autistic diagnosis

"To be blunt, ultimately, most people don't give a shit about whether or not you are Autistic.  Like with any invisible disability, if it's not singing and dancing and parading around the room, they aren't interested"

As an adult, awakening to the potential that you might be Autistic can feel like the dawning of a new part of your life.  You can almost feel everything slotting into place. But the realisation and expectation does not always match the outcome.

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