The mess of Autism

There is a big pile confusion over Asperger’s, Autism and functioning labels (High and Low) that cause many difficulties for Parents.  This is just a short and sweet one, but I hope it will clear up the confusion around Autism, Asperger's and Functioning labels.

I look back at my Parents and wonder: how did they miss me?

I look around at my life now and I see a wife and children, who I love beyond imagining and I think to myself "If there was something wrong, something out of the ordinary, would I see it, would I miss it?"

Then I look back at my parents and wonder: how did they miss me?

Parents, try #AskingAutistics

I spend a lot of time on this Blog urging Parents of Autistic people to seek us out to get the answers to questions that other parents and certainly 'Professionals' just can't answer. 99/100 times if you have a question about Autism, the best person to ask is an Autistic one.

In my Blog called 'Safe places online for Parents of Autistic children to learn about Autism' I recommend the best places to go on Facebook to find both Autistic people and to find support. But apart from trawling the streets yelling for Autistic people, where else can you go?

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