The Autistic cost of travel

"Autistic people exhaust ourselves doing things the non-Autistic way, in every aspect of our lives"

Recently a journey of epic proportions was undertaken by myself. 

It was a journey that covered two towns, about 20 villages and lasted for nearly an hour and a half.

I travelled the grand distance of 11 miles on the bus.

A perspective on diagnosis

As a parent facing the prospect that your child might be Autistic, especially when you have no previous experience of Autism, it can be a daunting and terrifying prospect.

As an adult, conversely, it can be a liberating experience, allowing you to you realise your true self.

Either way, in this video I have some tips to share.

A family of Diversity

All families are diverse, all families have ebbs and flows where one individual's needs are greater than the others.  Recognising that and allowing each other to take the time and space they need is key to any family, but especially in a family of Autistic people.

A Parent of Autism

Look at the title of this article. 

"A parent of Autism."

What does it say to you?

The curious case of the National Autistic Society and 'cures'

I have a quandary of immense proportions. Over the last few weeks, a battle has been ensuing on Twitter.  Not so uncommon you might think, but this battle is the peak of a war that has been waging for nearly four years.  A war with child abusers on one side, one woman on the other side and the National Autistic Society wandering around aimlessly in No-Man's Land.

An Autistic diagnosis

"To be blunt, ultimately, most people don't give a shit about whether or not you are Autistic.  Like with any invisible disability, if it's not singing and dancing and parading around the room, they aren't interested"

As an adult, awakening to the potential that you might be Autistic can feel like the dawning of a new part of your life.  You can almost feel everything slotting into place. But the realisation and expectation does not always match the outcome.

An Autistic Education

"School is like a universe of sensory and overwhelm shoved in a bottle, cork applied and shaken up.  Remove the cork and it explodes in your face."

I've never written much about my children, because I firmly believe that their story is theirs to tell, not mine.  But what's been happening in the last few weeks directly relates to me and my story, it's especially relevant.

The mess of Autism

There is a big pile confusion over Asperger’s, Autism and functioning labels (High and Low) that cause many difficulties for Parents.  This is just a short and sweet one, but I hope it will clear up the confusion around Autism, Asperger's and Functioning labels.

I look back at my Parents and wonder: how did they miss me?

I look around at my life now and I see a wife and children, who I love beyond imagining and I think to myself "If there was something wrong, something out of the ordinary, would I see it, would I miss it?"

Then I look back at my parents and wonder: how did they miss me?

Parents, try #AskingAutistics

I spend a lot of time on this Blog urging Parents of Autistic people to seek us out to get the answers to questions that other parents and certainly 'Professionals' just can't answer. 99/100 times if you have a question about Autism, the best person to ask is an Autistic one.

In my Blog called 'Safe places online for Parents of Autistic children to learn about Autism' I recommend the best places to go on Facebook to find both Autistic people and to find support. But apart from trawling the streets yelling for Autistic people, where else can you go?

The inside of Autism: You should see the world inside my head

"When I show people the things i create...they call me an 'artist'...when i show them the inside of the head they were created in.....they call me 'mad'"
-Kit Mason Oxborough-Giles, Autistic and Artistic

A common description of Autistic children, especially those deemed 'Low Functioning' is that they are in a world of their own, lost inside their heads and to be honest, if they have a head anything like mine, I can't blame them.

The inside of my mind can only be described as Tardis-like in that, like the Time Machine piloted by Television Time Lord, The Doctor, it's definitely bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

My inner world is vast, perfectly interactive and pretty damn cool.

How to hide your Autism

If you are the parent of an Autistic child, I'm going to introduce you to a concept that's going to scare the pants off of you:  Your child is going to grow up to be me:

I am an Autistic adult.

Some people are of the belief that Autism can be grown out, or that with the right support and interventions, Autism can be cured or lessened.

If you're one of those people, then I'm about to blow your minds with a second concept: Nobody grows out of Autism and a child cannot be trained out of it.  We just get better at hiding it.

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