We are not OK

 "Society beats into me how I should be raising my son, but I don’t think my way is wrong just because it’s different. Still that pressure to seem normal is overwhelming. I’m constantly fighting the urge to Stim or rock or shutdown in public."
- Jessica

An Autistic Frequency

I've put off writing about this for a long time.

To be honest I've dreaded it.


Everyone else's Stims seem so exotic and exciting.

And mine?

Mine are just dull...

Masking: An Act of Resistance

Not everyone has the ability to be able to write with any kind of regularity and one of my biggest aims with #TakeTheMaskOff was to be able to help generate conversation around Masking and give a platform to other people.

Carl Cameron is a Mentor, who has a career behind him delivering courses on Autism, he's also very late diagnosed and will be the first to tell you the irony in being the last to recognise Autism in himself. 

I have the privilege of a platform and Carl wants to talk about taking off the Mask and how it is An Act of Resistance.

Masking: I am not OK

If you lined up a thousand Autistic people and asked them to define Masking, I doubt that any one of them would say exactly the same thing.  The input, the reasons for doing so, might be similar or identical. The same might be said of the output, or the actual results of the Masking. They might be the same, but the actual act itself, the process and things done to keep the Mask in place, would likely be wildly different.

Responsibility, Autism and a legacy of failure

When it comes to Autism, how does responsibility fit in?  Who is responsible, who holds the power and what do they do with it?

Those responsible for the narrative of Autism literally hold the lives of Autistic people in the palms of their hands, yet that responsibility is being abused.

And at what cost?


Image description of the words #TakeTheMaskOff in white on a black background

On the 23rd July 2018, an international campaign will be launched. A whole summer dedicated to Masking... but not as we know it.

An Autistic Burnout

I've struggled massively with writing this.

It's ironic really.

It's taken me six weeks to start writing an article about Autistic Burnout, because I'm going through Autistic Burnout...

The Autistic cost of travel

"Autistic people exhaust ourselves doing things the non-Autistic way, in every aspect of our lives"

Recently a journey of epic proportions was undertaken by myself. 

It was a journey that covered two towns, about 20 villages and lasted for nearly an hour and a half.

I travelled the grand distance of 11 miles on the bus.

A perspective on diagnosis

As a parent facing the prospect that your child might be Autistic, especially when you have no previous experience of Autism, it can be a daunting and terrifying prospect.

As an adult, conversely, it can be a liberating experience, allowing you to you realise your true self.

Either way, in this video I have some tips to share.

A family of Diversity

All families are diverse, all families have ebbs and flows where one individual's needs are greater than the others.  Recognising that and allowing each other to take the time and space they need is key to any family, but especially in a family of Autistic people.

A Parent of Autism

Look at the title of this article. 

"A parent of Autism."

What does it say to you?

The curious case of the National Autistic Society and 'cures'

I have a quandary of immense proportions. Over the last few weeks, a battle has been ensuing on Twitter.  Not so uncommon you might think, but this battle is the peak of a war that has been waging for nearly four years.  A war with child abusers on one side, one woman on the other side and the National Autistic Society wandering around aimlessly in No-Man's Land.

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